I decided to try portrait linen after having spent many years using regular cotton with what I thought was a fairly smooth weave. I tried a double-primed Claessens fine linen. It was difficult to stretch, and I think that in the future, I will use unprimed linen and size and prime it myself. I have also decided to try a very fine cotton canvas that may also be good. I like to work with detail, so the smooth linen is a beautiful surface for me. Glazing layers worked much better and it was easy to get sharp lines where needed. I can’t think of any reason to go back to other canvas, in spite of the higher price. I have purchased Belle Arti unprimed portrait linen and will be trying that next. Thanks to TransCanadaTrucks.com for letting me photograph and generally scope out their collection. In this painting, the old bridge in the background would have been usable when this truck was new.