Packing art supplies for a trip overseas has always been a matter of trial and error. In the past, I took a small travel watercolour kit and a hardcover sketchbook. Other packable items included erasers, pencils (mechanical with extra leads), sharpeners, limited brush selection and a few watercolour pencil crayons. This time I am taking a limited set of Golden Heavy Body Acrylics (I am regretting I did not explore Golden Open Acrylics as they are reportedly better for plein air painting), brushes, acrylic medium, watercolour paper in a pre-stretched pad, sketchbook and other sketch materials. Soft Pastels are also being considered, however, their inclusion will depend on space and weight issues. I checked with the airline and acrylic paints are acceptable for packing as long as they are wrapped in absorbent paper and sealed in plastic. Of course, oils are not. 

Canal Dordogne River

I could purchase most of my art supplies in France, however, I will have a short 3 months and do not want to spend all my time going to art supply stores. 

On previous trips to Italy and France, I did try and paint and sketch, however, it was not always easy when your stays in one place range from a few days to a week. I am so looking forward to having lots of time to sketch from life the subjects I wish to paint later. This is going to be a trip of a lifetime.