All across Canada emerging artists have the opportunity to sell their works and gain exposure through Timeraiser. The way it works is this – the fundraising (actually volunteer hour raising) organization has developed sponsors who provide a set fund for the purchase of art works from local artists. Emerging artists can submit up to 5 artworks electronically for vetting. The price for anyone art work has an upper limit of $1000.00. Works have to be framed and ready for hanging. Therefore the artist provides the artwork and framing for their set price and if their works are chosen, they must surrender the work to timeraiser by a specific date. The works are shown in various venues a few weeks before the timeraiser event. At that time, those agencies seeking volunteers, the artists and potential volunteers attend a gala event and bid their volunteer hours as currency in the art auction. Whomsoever wins the bid will be able to collect their chosen art work after a year and if they complete their volunteer hours in that time. In the interim, the art works are displayed by those organizations who sponsor the purchase of the artworks at the outset.

It is a great way to have exposure and also as an emerging artist, to have sales to your credit. The process of being involved is very easy and the timeraiser personnel work hard to make the experience successful for everyone. They have a great website as well allowing artists and volunteers to check out the art and how the events have gone over the entire country. It is a great idea and growing all the time.