The Art of Pencil Crayon Painting 6

Pencil Crayon Painting

6. More on the Irojiten pencil crayon

This crayon is great. It sharpens well and so far, no breakage. The blending results with the various crayons have different and some very welcome effects. I was surprised that some colours, when laid in, were more resistant to an overlay colour, depending on the colour again. This was very helpful at times and clearly, getting to know these crayons will be an adventure. I have also noticed that they blend with graphite very well and provide some interesting effects. I have always avoided mixing graphite and pencil crayon in the past. Maybe now – not so much!

Already I am feeling the limits of the colour palette, having only two of the colour libraries. The third is to arrive in the mail very soon.

I really like the greens and the yellows in the set as well as the reddish and orangish colours. So far I have tried them on two different papers and they seem to work well, on either the more natural surface paper (textured with cloth) or the more mechanically even papers pressed on a grid.

These crayons are a lot of fun.