Oracles of the Dead

A Graphic Novel by Della Hunter. A book in which the dead have unfinished business in the abandoned lands of elemental gods where some find vengeance and other find themselves. In the end, fate can be a bitch.

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 Artist's Statement

As an artist, I love working with pencil crayon and graphite.  Pencil crayons offer intense colour and rival oil paints and pastels as a durable and potent medium.  Because pencil crayon is a slow medium, I might work on a piece for several days or weeks. Each picture slowly transforms from a light initial sketch to a detailed and layered work.  I seek to express the architecture and dynamic form of plants in large botanical compositions.  At the end of the day, I hope to render something of beauty and to surprise the eye.  I like to play with the subject and insert my quirky sense of humour in many of my works. 

I make art because I have to. Pictures and stories are both visual. Graphic novels allow me to draw movies.

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