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Time’s Arrow

1939 Maple Leaf This rare Maple Leaf truck was built in Canada in 1939 and symbolizes a focus on Canada’s National identity as Canada entered World War II. This truck was an US brand in all but name. The old garage in the background symbolizes the era of the gas...

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Time and change

Time’s Arrow Series 1931 Chevy Truck in the Woods 1931 Chevrolet Truck This work aims to contrast the linear and machined image of the rusting wreck with the organic and lyrical movement of the trees and grasses. The truck is now...

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A new direction in my work

Time’s Arrow Series Abandoned and ignored. The dry grasses create a camouflage suited perfectly to the hunting coyote. The machine gazes on harmless and silent, it too becoming landscape, a coral reef on the prairie, offering...

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